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Learn about society and the relationships between individuals within it. Find hundreds of learning resources in this section about subjects such as economics, history, psychology, sociology, and anthropology, geared to a wide variety of grade levels, from kindergarten to college.

History and Geography

Kindergarten - 5th | Printable, Product

A comprehensive program in world and American history and geography, integrating topics in civics and the arts, Core Knowledge History and Geography™ (CKHG) helps students build knowledge of the...


Measuring Causal Effects in the Social Sciences

College | Online class

How can we know if the differences in wages between men and women are caused by discrimination or differences in background characteristics? In this PhD-level course we look at causal effects as...


Preschool Social Studies Worksheets & Free Printables

Pre-K - Kindergarten | Worksheet/Printable

These preschool social studies worksheets help kids become knowledgeable about important topics ranging from diversity and community to natural resources and personal hygiene. In addition to...


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