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Every family is different. When you consider elements like parenting styles, screen-time privileges, and decisions about education, it’s easy to see why there are so many ways in which family dynamics can vary.

But Julie Kieras believes that all families can be two things:

Happy and strong.

Happy Strong Home began in early 2010 to help Kieras, its creator, document her journey through motherhood, and while she recorded her family’s growth, her blog began to...

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Fart Jokes and Algebra

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Michelle Caskey knows what it’s like to homeschool boys.

With 15 years of experience teaching her own sons, Caskey has some great insight on educating boys.

“Boys need plenty of time to move around, especially when they're young. Boys crave excitement and fun. And they appreciate having at least some opportunities to make choices throughout their day.”

Caskey wanted to use her experience to encourage other homeschooling parents (especially those with boys), which is...

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Rock Your Homeschool!

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Parents who choose to keep their children in public education have a community of school staff and fellow parents when they are in need of support, but what about parents who choose to homeschool their children?

The Facebook group Rock Your Homeschool! is dedicated to providing homeschool moms with that sense of community, and with almost 20,000 members, feeling alone is not an option.

Who You’ll Meet

The RYHS group has been closed to children and men due to safety...

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Teach Math in Context to Improve Problem-Solving Skills

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While chatting with a friend recently about how students struggle with math, he said something along the lines of “because when do you ever just do math?” I echoed his statement with a resounding “YES!” because in my experience as a teacher, I have struggled with instructing students in math.

After I earned my teaching certificate, I started my career at a small alternative school (like 20-30 students). The first year I taught alongside ONE other teacher, so I had to teach math. I...

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