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Write a Review for a Chance to Win a Gift Card!

14 days ago

Here at Learnamic, we have indexed thousands of paid and free learning resources, and we'd like to make those listings even more helpful for you by offering reviews of those resources from your fellow parents and homeschoolers!

So, we're running a promotion where EVERY REVIEW YOU WRITE of a learning resource on Learnamic qualifies you for a random drawing for one of 20 $20 Amazon gift cards, AND we'll give another $100 gift card to...

Teach Math in Context to Improve Problem-Solving Skills

3 months ago

While chatting with a friend recently about how students struggle with math, he said something along the lines of “because when do you ever just do math?” I echoed his statement with a resounding “YES!” because in my experience as a teacher, I have struggled with instructing students in math.

After I earned my teaching certificate, I started my career at a small alternative school (like 20-30 students). The first year I taught alongside ONE other teacher, so I had to teach math. I...