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Properties of Shapes

Shapes   Kindergarten - 2nd | Game, Website

These activities all focus on characteristics of shapes.


Number and Place Value

Place Value   Kindergarten - 5th | Game, Website

A set of online math exercises and games provided by the NRICH project from the University of Cambridge.   These exercises focus on Number and Place value for learners from age 5-11.


Math Shack

Math   3rd - 9th | Website

Huge set of math exercises.  Helps students master concepts by not moving on until they are proficient in the current concepts.  Covers Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics and Probability. ...


Philosophy Podcasts

Philosophy   8th - College | Audio CD/MP3

Series of podcasts offered by the faculty of Oxford University covering many major topics in Philosophy, including: John Locke Philosophy for Beginners Critical Reasoning Nietzsche on Mind and...


History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

Philosophy   7th - College | Audio CD/MP3

A series of podcasts by Professor Peter Adamson of LMU in Munich and King's College London that cover philosophers and major ideas.  He covers philosophers from all over the world and all periods...


Hofstra University Online Law Programs

Law   College | Online class

Hofstra Law’s online programs are designed to build your legal literacy while enhancing your expertise in health law, policy or American legal studies. Explore our four online degree programs to...

Masters in Cyber Security

Information Security   College | Online class

The University of North Dakota is dedicated to helping you successfully transition into or advance in the growing field of Cyber Security. Regardless of if you’ve been in the cyber security...

WWII Podcast

World War II   6th - College | Audio CD/MP3

Ray Harris Jr; has a degree in history from James Madison University. I’ve been obsessed with the events and people from WWII since I first learned of them. I’ve been waiting years for someone to...

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Ontario Virtual School (OVS)

High School Curriculum   8th - College | Online/YouTube video, Website

Ontario Virtual School (OVS) is an accredited online virtual high school operating since 2010. Our online school has grown to an annual student population of 3000. OVS has been inspected by the...

Online Masters in Accountancy

Accounting   College | Online class

Accountants around the world have felt the impact of changes to the industry driven by increased regulation, stronger governance and digital technology. What was required of accountants 10 years...

Atlas of Asia

Asian Geography   2nd - College | Website

A guide to Asia including maps facts and information about Asia, free printable map of Asia.  Page includes detailed geographical facts about the continent and its countries, a summary of Asian...


Atlas of Africa

African Geography   2nd - College | Website

Free political, physical and outline maps of Africa and individual country maps. Detailed geography information for teachers, students and travelers. Also includes full geographic data, a summary...


United States of America

US Geography   2nd - College | Website

Detailed geographical data about the US including population, area, GDP, and much more, along with a summary of US history. Also features a set of maps, free political, physical and outline maps of...



Geography   2nd - College | Website

What Wikipedia did for encyclopedias, WorldAtlast did for atlases.  This remarkably deep free online atlas features: Detailed lists of countries, cities, oceans, mountains and more Population...


Educational Videos for Kids

Preschool Curriculum   Pre-K - Kindergarten | Online/YouTube video

Over 100 videos tailored for preschoolers and kindergarteners.  Blippi explores all sorts of places and things in these mostly live-action videos, giving kids exposure to unique and unusual things...


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