Science Curriculum Physics


Motion and Forces
Unit Preview, Solving Constant Speed and Average Speed Problems, Balanced Forces, Newton’s First Law, One Dimensional Motion Problems (Newton’s Second Law), Universal Law of Gravitation, Applying Forces to an Object (Newton’s 3rd Law)
Problems Involving Motion and Forces
Unit Preview, Circular Motion, Two Dimensional Trajectory Problems, Two Dimensional Vectors, Two Dimensional Problems Involving Balanced Forces , Circular Motion Problems, Problems With Coulomb’s Law
Conservation of Energy
Unit Preview, Kinetic Energy Calculations, Gravitational Potential Energy Calculations , Conservation of Energy Problems, Problems with Various Sources of Potential Energy
Conservation of Momentum
Unit Preview, Momentum, Momentum Calculations, Momentum Conservation, Unbalanced Forces and Momentum, Elastic and Inelastic Collisions
Heat and Thermodynamics
Unit Preview, Heat Flow and Work, First Law of Thermodynamics, Internal Energy, Entropy, Second Law of Thermodynamics , Problems Involving Heat Flow, Work, and Efficiency in a Heat Engine
Unit Preview, Waves and Energy, Transverse and Longitudinal Waves, Wavelength, Frequency, and Wave Speed Problems, Sound Waves, Radio Waves, Light, and X-rays, Wave Properties
Electric Phenomena
Unit Preview, Predict the Voltage of Current, Ohm’s Law Problems, Kirchhoff’s First Law, Kirchhoff’s Second Law, Transistors
Magnetic Effects
Unit Preview, Electric Fields, Magnetic Materials and Electric Currents, Magnetic Field’s Direction, Affects of Changing Magnetic Fields
Electric Field’s Magnetic Affects
Unit Preview, Plasma Vector Force Fields of Electric and Magnetic Fields, Force on a Charged Particle, Electric Field Calculations, Static Electric Fields, Magnitude of Force, Electrical and Gravitational Potential Energy Problems
Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Physics
Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Physics

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