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A well-equipped physics lab station in a well-packaged portable container designed for non-conventional lab situations such as home schooling, or any situation that calls for an uncompromised lab experience with or without the presence of an experienced lab teacher and without the need for a traditional lab facility. Hands-on physics experiments have been designed to incline the student toward becoming a scientific innovator, to be convenient for the teacher, and to be safe for the user and the environment. Every experiment clearly teaches a scientific principle. The included equipment has been chosen or developed to produce successful results and give the student an educationally challenging hands-on learning experience. The kit is intended to cover the laboratory portion of a high school physics course. Kit contains everything necessary to perform 33 physics experiments, a student manual, and a teacher’s guide. Allow extra delivery time.

33 lab experiments include:

1. Scientific Analysis

2. Recording Timer and Acceleration of Gravity

3. Sum of Vectors

4. Projectile Motion

5. Newton’s Second Law

6. Centripetal Force

7. Acceleration on an Inclined Plane

8. Force of Friction

9. Work and Power

10. Hook’s Law, Elastic Potential Energy

11. Potential and Kinetic Energy

12. Conservation of Momentum

13. Conservation of Energy and Momentum

14. Momentum and Collisions

15. A Pendulum

16. Speed of Sound in Air

17. Specific Heat of Metal

18. Latent Heat of Fusion

19. Buoyant Force

20. Static Electricity

21. Capacitors

22. Resistors

23. Ohm’s Law

24. Diodes and Transistors

25. Magnetic Fields

26. Making an Electric Motor

27. Reflections from a Curved Mirror

28. Refraction

29. Lenses

30. Wavelength of a Laser Light

31. Wavelengths of the Visible Spectrum

32. Laser Measurement

33. Nuclear Diameter

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Mar 2023
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