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5th and 6th Grade Health

5th - 6th | Android, iPhone/iPad Discover our Health app for fifth and sixth graders Would you like to learn about your body’s structure and function and key ways to staying healthy and safe? The iTooch Health App offers five...

Chemicals and Health

College | Online class Syllabus Week 1 Week 1: Welcome & Introduction Welcome to Chemicals and Health – Megan Latshaw Chemicals in our environment: What is a chemical and how are we exposed? – Tom Burke Production,...

Drive Right

6th - High School | Online resource In this course, students will be empowered to help reverse unsafe teen driving trends by exploring the major causes of teen crashes: speeding, the influence of passengers, and distractions....


4th - 8th | Online resource Go on location with Bill Nye at Underwriters Laboratories as he explains the power—and danger—of electricity in a very entertaining way. What is electricity? How does it move through a cord? Why...


4th - 8th | Online resource Bill Nye the Science Guy ignites learning as he shows students how to be Safety Smart around fire. By explaining the science of fire, including the roles heat, fuel and oxygen play, Bill...

Germs & Your Health

4th - 8th | Online resource By exploring the science of health and germs, Bill Nye the Science Guy shows students how hand-washing, getting nutritious foods, and getting enough exercise and sleep can help the human body fight...

Global Adolescent Health

College | Online class This course will explore the dynamic factors affecting the health and wellbeing of young people around the world, and how important it is for individuals, communities and nations that we improve...


Kindergarten - 6th | DVD, Online resource This website includes curriculum on K-6th grade health. There are mini-lessons with activities and children earn a certificate at the end of each short “course.”

Health Coloring Pages

Pre-K - 1st | Printable First 5 California provides brain development information, activity suggestions, and support resources to help parent’s of children 5 and under. The site provides a series of coloring pages on...

On the Go

Kindergarten - 3rd | Online resource Join Timon & Pumbaa as they travel the globe in style – and safety! This hilarious and helpful adventure explores safe practices in travel, whether by bus, car, motor scooter, plane, train,...

Safety Smart®: At Home

Kindergarten - 3rd | Online resource Students will join Timon and Pumbaa as they make sure their new home is Safety Smart®. Participants will realize the importance of safety and learn a variety of ways they can help themselves and...

Safety Smart®: In the Water

Kindergarten - 3rd | Online resource Students will join Timon and Pumbaa as they learn about being Safety Smart® in and around water. Students will learn the importance of wearing sunscreen, swimming with a buddy, reading posted...

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