Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach

High School - College | Book, ebook/Kindle Comprehensive, up-to-date introduction to the theory and practice of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence: Made Easy w/ Ruby Programming

High School - College | ebook/Kindle

Artificial Intelligence - MIT OpenCourseWare

High School - College | Online class This course introduces students to the basic knowledge representation, problem solving, and learning methods of artificial intelligence. Upon completion of 6.034, students should be able to develop...

Artificial Intelligence - UC Berkeley CS188

High School - College | Online class UC Berkeley's upper division course CS188: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence now available to everyone online. What you'll learn Basic ideas and techniques underlying the design of...

CS405: Artificial Intelligence

College | Online class Course Introduction CS405 introduces the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Materials on AI programming, logic, search, game playing, machine learning, natural language understanding, and...

CS408: Advanced Artificial Intelligence

College | Online class This course will present advanced topics in Artificial Intelligence (AI). We will begin by defining the term "software agent” and discussing how software agents differ from programs in general. We...

Intro to Artificial Intelligence Course and Training Online - Udacity

College | Online class Introduction course on AI. Learn the basics which include machine learning, probabilistic reasoning, robotics and natural language processing.

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Artificial Intelligence: Programming computers to mimic human thought, logic, and learning

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