7th Grade Curriculum

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About 7th Grade Curriculum

In the seventh grade, learning focuses on deepening students’ understanding of core academic content while also introducing new material. The goal is for students to become well-rounded, critical thinkers who can effectively communicate their ideas.

In English Language Arts, students will continue to develop their reading, writing, and communication skills. They will read and analyze a variety of texts, including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. They will also write in a variety of genres, including personal narratives, persuasive essays, and research papers.

In Math, students will build on their understanding of basic concepts such as algebra, geometry, and Probability & Statistics. They will learn to solve more complex problems and to think critically about mathematical concepts.

In Science, students will focus on Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. They will learn about the structure and function of the Earth’s systems, the diversity of life on our planet, and the physical laws that govern the universe.

In Social Studies, students will learn about the history, geography, and economics of the United States. They will also explore the impact of current events on our society.

Learning 7th Grade Curriculum