Social Studies Curriculum Grade 5


Social Studies
The First Americans
Unit Preview, Peoples of North America, Cultures, Traditions, Economies, and Governments , Summary
The Age of Exploration
Unit Preview, Early Explorers, The Story in Europe, Exploring North America , Summary
A New Land
Unit Preview, The First Settlements, England Takes Control, Summary
Colonial America
Unit Preview, New England Colonies, Middle Colonies, Southern Colonies, Government, Religion, and Culture, Summary
The Rising Struggle
Unit Preview, The Road to Independence, Building Colonial Unity, The Declaration of Independence, Summary
The War for Independence
Unit Preview, The First Battles, The War Continues, The War Moves West and South, America Wins the War, Summary
The Constitution of the United States
Unit Preview, A Need for Change, The Constitutional Convention, A New Plan of Government, Checks and Balances, Summary
The Growth of a Nation
Unit Preview, The Nation Expands, The Trail West, Texas and Mexico, Summary
The Fifty States
Unit Preview, Eastern States, Middle States, Western States, Summary

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