Become a Mix Engineer


Make your mark on the music business as a mix engineer. Discover how to produce professionally mixed audio on any digital audio workstation, and combine traditional and cutting-edge recording techniques.

Learn essential audio and recording principles.Practice utilizing EQ and compression effectively. Apply reverb, delay, and creative effects to your tracks.

More Ways to Learn Mixing

The Mixing Engineer's Handbook: Fourth Edition

High School - College | Book

Mixing music —the process of combining and shaping the component parts of a song into a polished, completed recording —was once considered an unteachable art. The first edition of Bobby Owsinski’s...


Introduction to Ableton Live

College | Online class

In the past, Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) were programs used only by audio engineers with a highly specific knowledge base, on machines inaccessible to most people. But over the past 10-15...


Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio

College | Book

Discover how to achieve release-quality mixes even in the smallest studios by applying power-user techniques from the world’s most successful producers. Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio is a...


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