6-8 History: Revolutions


6-8 Core Curriculum – History: Revolutions

Take your children on a fascinating trip back in time to explore the European Scientific Revolution, the European Enlightenment, the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and the connections among these world changing events. Highlights include multisensory activities to engage your children and provide the connection to make history relevant in their own lives. Each chapter includes current and active links to multiple videos, hands-on activities, readings, lesson plans, worksheets, charts, interactive websites, games, full-color high resolution graphics, and more!

This unit study is part of our history core curriculum series for grades 6-8. The time needed to complete this unit study will vary for each child, but you should expect to spend approximately 50 hours.

Take a peek inside:
A timeline approach to history
The birth of modern science
Rene Descartes
Isaac Newton
Modern links to the Scientific Revolution
The ideas behind the European Enlightenment
Thomas Hobbes and John Locke
The contributions of Montesquieu, Voltaire, and Rousseau
American Enlightenment leaders
The French and Indian War
Causes of the American Revolution
Patriot revolts and protests in the 1770s
Historical events through multiple perspectives
The influence of speeches and poetry
Africans in America
Native Americans and the American Revolutionary War
Major American Revolutionary War battles
Enlightenment ideas in the Declaration of Independence
The legacy of the American Revolution
Connections between the American Revolution and the French Revolution
Causes of the French Revolution
The ancient regime and the three estates
Fall of the Bastille
The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen
Fall of the monarchy
The Reign of Terror
The French Revolution and slavery
The Haitian Revolution
The legacy of the French Revolution
Napoleon Bonaparte
The Napoleonic Code
and much more!

All activities in this unit study are presented in an easy to follow format with an active and updated web link. Click on the link and the best resources on the World Wide Web appear for your children. The links bring the world to your children by providing streaming videos, interactive web sites, educational games, audio files, and more. At Intellego Unit Studies, we believe in the varied learning styles and multiple intelligences of every child. That’s why all of our unit studies include reading and writing activities, videos, art, comparisons, drawing and painting, discussions, hands-on activities, art projects, full-color high resolution graphics, printable activity pages, and more!

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