About Us
Our Mission
At Intellego Unit Studies, our mission is to provide engaging curriculum that meets the need of the 21st century student. Using the best resources available on the Internet, Intellego Unit Studies unites technology, learning style theory, and multisensory activities to help children reach their true academic potential.

Our Focus
At Intellego Unit Studies, we provide comprehensive and complete K-8 curriculum in social studies and science. In addition, we provide multidisciplinary unit studies for electives and enrichment in the areas of science, history, art, music, civics, cultures, and popular interest.

Our Inspiration
At Intellego Unit Studies, we are inspired by the inquisitive nature of children and the nurturing adults who guide their learning.

Our Challenge
Before Intellego Unit Studies was created, we listened as children and parents complained that their curriculum was boring, inadequate, limiting, out-dated, or just plain ineffective.

You asked for:
Quality curriculum that replaces dumbing down with high expectations for students.
Engaging curriculum that supports active learning.
Creative activities that support parental involvement in their children’s education.
Comprehensive curriculum that teaches from multiple viewpoints.
Multisensory curriculum that contains more than just reading and writing activities.
Secular curriculum that respects the religious and spiritual beliefs of all people.
Multicultural curriculum that recognizes the past, present and future of racial and cultural minorities.
Reliable web-linked curriculum that brings your family the best resources on the Internet.
Easy to use curriculum that does not require extensive prep time.
Research-based curriculum that supports the learning needs of your children.
We have listened, and we hope you will agree that we have met the challenge you have placed before us.