Learn Derivatives & Differential Calculus

Learn how to find a derivative as part of calculus problems. Learn the derivative formula (definition of a derivative), the chain rule, the power rule, and how to apply derivatives to finance, physics, and other fields. Our resources contain derivative examples, derivative calculators, worksheets, books, online courses, and more.

We have 3 resources for learning Derivatives & Differential Calculus including educational YouTube & Online Videos and Online Classes, from providers such as Khan Academy, WOWmath.org, and PatrickJMT.



High School - College | Online video/YouTube

Using the definition of a derivative; basic examples; the product, quotient, and chain rules; more complex examples; implicit differentiation; derivatives of logarithms; logarithmic...


Derivatives of multivariable functions

High School - College | Online class

What does it mean to take the derivative of a function whose input lives in multiple dimensions? What about when its output is a vector? Here we go over many different ways to extend the idea of a...


Differentiation Review (Ch 2) - Calculus

High School - College | Online video/YouTube

I quickly go over all my notes for Chapter 2 Derivatives. It covers the Product, Quotient, and Chain Rules, Implicit Differentiation, and Related Rates. This…

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