11th Grade Curriculum

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About 11th Grade Curriculum

Most 11th grade curriculum revolves around preparing students for college. Subjects such as English and History help students build the writing and critical thinking skills they will need in college. Math and Science courses challenge students to think abstractly and deepen their understanding of complex concepts. Many schools also offer AP or IB courses which can give students a head start on college credit.

Most students in 11th grade are enrolled in college-preparatory classes. They learn about different aspects of history, literature, science, and mathematics. They often take part in simulations of real-world situations, such as mock trials. With an eye toward the future, many students also begin to think about their plans for after high school.

In the 11th grade, students will learn about more advanced topics in mathematics, including calculus and statistics. They will also continue to study literature and composition, and will learn about even more challenging and complex works of fiction and non-fiction. In addition, students will learn about American history, and world history and cultures. Finally, students will take courses in the sciences, such as physics and chemistry.

Learning 11th Grade Curriculum