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What We Do:

The purpose of Stratton House is to create and sell Home Science Adventures, an original hands-on science curriculum made especially for homeschoolers. We care very much about the quality of the lessons and activities included in Home Science Adventures.

How We Do It:

Before selecting the activities that will go in a Home Science Adventures kit we research hundreds of ideas and try most of them ourselves. The best of these we present to homeschooling co-ops to see how they will work. You’d be surprised how many supposedly “tried and true” science activities don’t work in real life with real kids.

To make it into our kit, a lesson needs to be fun and clearly convey the science objectives, the directions must be easy to understand, and the activities must actually work in real life with real children!

The best activities are then written into self-directed lessons and presented to other children to iron out any problems with the instructions ( children are so good at finding ways to goof up an otherwise perfect lesson! : ) We often rewrite and retest many times, but when we’re done, we have a product that children will truly enjoy and learn from.

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Discovering Birds Kit

Birds (Ornithology)
1st - 8th | Product

In BIRDS you will: Make your very own WILD BIRD FEEDER! Learn the SECRETS of FLIGHT!Identify Backyard Birds [4K] Grab your field guide and go on a BIRD SAFARI! Write a letter with a quill pen that...


Discovering Insects Kit

Insects (Entomology)
3rd - 8th | Product

Discovering Insects is bugs without the yuck! Plastic models, bug-eye lenses, and other goodies allow children to study insects and arachnids indoors, as well as in their natural environment. And...


Magnetism Adventure Kit

Electricity & Magnetism
1st - 8th | Product

In MAGNETISM you will: FEEL the FORCE with your extra strong ceramic magnets! Use the power of magnetism to CREATE LEVITATION! See a magnet’s INVISIBLE FORCE FIELDS with encased iron filings! Pace...


The Astronomy Adventure Kit

1st - 8th | Product

Stars & PlanetsIn ASTRONOMY you will: Pace off a scale model of the SOLAR SYSTEM! Experience how gravity would feel on OTHER PLANETS! See the CRATERS of the MOON through your binoculars! Learn...


The Wonders of Light Kit

Light & Sound
3rd - 8th | Product

In The Wonders of Light you will: SPLIT SUNLIGHT into all the colors of the rainbow. Solve the MYSTERIESof bending light! Investigate amazing KALEIDOSCOPIC reflections! Transform the night into...