Pimsleur Premium Makes Learning Easy

Combining the ease & interactivity of language learning apps with the convenience and power of the portable Pimsleur Method™ ... learning languages online has never been easier.

Learn Languages Online
Discover new worlds. Experience life-changing adventures. Create unforgettable memories. Easy listening, rewarding results in just 30 minutes a day!

Give us 30 minutes a day and we’ll have you speaking your new language in no time. That’s all it takes for you to confidently inquire about prices, order dinner, ask for (or offer) directions – in your new language – with a near-native accent. Just listen, respond and learn to converse in … French while commuting … German while jogging … Spanish while cooking. It’s really that portable and flexible.

In fact, 75% of our customers learned their new language on the go in their downtime. There are no textbooks, no grammar lessons, no mindless repetition required – just easy listening when learning languages online with PIMSLEUR PREMIUM!