Oct 2021

With Pimsleur, you don’t just study a new language, you learn to speak a new language. You learn to communicate in the language. You don’t learn rules, vocabulary lists or grammar out of context. You acquire your new language by listening, mimicking and answering questions — the same way you mastered your native language as a child.

Because learning a new language is not about how many words you know, how many grammar rules you’ve learned, or how many catch phrases you’re able to memorize. It’s about understanding what you hear, and responding easily and naturally.

It’s about helping your brain do what it’s designed to do. And with the help of the scientifically-proven Pimsleur Method, you too can speak a new language in just 30 Days.

The Four Secrets to Dr. Pimsleur’s Method
With Dr. Pimsleur’s revolutionary method, you’re able to learn on all fronts — with one common goal: speaking your new language quickly and without rules, drills, or boring repetition. Because you learn the phrases and words you’re most likely to need, language comes alive, and the vocabulary, grammar, and native-like pronunciation are ready whenever you are.

By “anticipating” the answer to each question, your brain is actively learning and developing new neural connections.

Organic Learning
You learn your new language using conversational exchanges, just as you learned your first language, with the added benefit of a method scientifically-proven to accelerate learning in the adult brain.

Graduate Interval Recall
A scientifically-sequenced and proven schedule which moves the items you learn from short-term to long-term memory.

Core Vocabulary
The Pimsleur Method teaches the most common words and grammatical structures so you can start speaking immediately… in a meaningful way.

What Makes Pimsleur so Effective?
Dr. Pimsleur’s memory-training technique dramatically improves the language-learning centers in your brain. The Pimsleur programs are unique because of something they don’t have — and because of something they do have — exclusively!

No Mindless Repetition.

Many language courses — including some of the most well-known ones — try to teach a language by “drumming it in” with endless repetition of words and phrases, boring conjugations, irrelevant vocabulary, and mindless drills. It’s no wonder so many Americans are monolingual!

Instead, Dr. Pimsleur focused on delivering the information at the right time to train your brain to respond easily. He called it: Graduated Interval Recall.

This impressive-sounding concept is really quite simple. Dr. Pimsleur’s research into the psychology of linguistics revealed that unstructured mindless repetition (rote-memorization) has a dulling effect on the brain! It doesn’t work.

Through his studies at UCLA and Ohio State University, Dr. Pimsleur discovered that if words and phrases are repeated at specific time intervals, they are easily stored in long-term memory. This core principle is what makes the Pimsleur courses unique and highly effective!


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