An Easier Way to Learn and Teach
MindConnex Learning is a global provider of digital learning solutions that enhance educator effectiveness and student success.
Established in 2008, MindConnex Learning designs an innovative range of educational software solutions by working closely with and understanding the needs of both educators and students.
Learning Made Easy
Our motto – Learning Made Easy – epitomizes our belief that we can enhance the experiences of both students and educators as they make their journey to educational excellence through the creation of dynamic and truly engaging digital courseware.
MindConnex Learning offers an easier way to learn and teach using rich, contemporary multimedia designed to engage all the senses and create empowering, relevant and personalized learning experiences, available in easily downloadable software programs that can be used on virtually any platform – PC, iPad, iPhone, online.
Digital Learning that Leads to Educational Excellence
Our flagship product, Shakespeare In Bits, is proof that digital learning can lead to educational excellence. It succeeds in introducing the Bard’s most popular plays to a generation of technology-confident students in a way that enables them to read, digest, understand and appreciate the text in bite-sized chunks or “bits” – either at home or as part of an organized class tutorial. With five titles currently, Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet and Julius Caesar, Shakespeare In Bits provides an easier, more digestible way of tackling Shakespeare.