Shakespeare in Bits - Hamlet


Jul 2022

MindConnex Learning offers an easier way to learn and teach using rich, contemporary multimedia designed to engage all the senses and create empowering, relevant and personalized learning experiences.
Completely Unabridged
Appreciate the linguistic richness of the original play text, broken into easily digested ‘bits’. In-line translation helps you to understand difficult words and phrases.
Character Building
Character biographies can be accessed from either the main play or through a dedicated cast feature. An illustrated relationship map shows key characters and their inter-relationships in the play.
Hear it, See it
The combination of text, fully animated re-enactment and audio soundtrack helps you to decode Shakespeare’s prose and facilitates learners of varying abilities and learning styles.
Ace that Exam
A wide selection of integrated analyses and study notes for each scene are provided to help you understand plot summaries, key themes, language, imagery and quotes from the play.


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This resource has religious influence.
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