Ozobot Evo Starter Pack, the STEM Robot Toy with a Big Personality


1.25 inch Evo was awarded PC Magazine’s 2016 Editor’s Choice and named one of the “coolest toys” by CNN Tech

Learn to code with colors using markers, paper and Evo’s universal color language

With the OzoBlockly editor, drag and drop blocks of code to take full control of your Evo and create even more

Stay in touch with OzoChat worldwide messaging (gated for ages 12 and under) and Ozojis—emoticons Evo acts out

Switch to remote control mode in the Ozobot Evo app (for iOS and Android) to harness Evo’s surprising speed, insanely bright lights and quirky personality

Start with Colors: You don’t need a smartphone to enjoy Evo. Unleash your inner Picasso and use markers, paper and a universal color language to control Evo.

Build with Blocks: Boost your creative control with block-based programming. Drag and drop blocks of code to shape your Evo’s behavior and personality.

Create your World: Create epic mazes, cityscapes and racetracks for Evo. Or program the bot to play with your cat. Get fresh ideas anytime from the Ozobot website.

Ozobots are easy to learn and fun to master. They are award-winning, teacher-recommended robots used to teach coding and STEM skills in 2,000 schools nationwide.

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