Modern Milestones Universal Set


Modern Milestones is designed for students in the Word Extension stage of spelling. Students will read about the contributions of many different people during the last four centuries. Students will begin to learn details about specific spelling patterns, particularly how prefixes and suffixes are used to expand or change the meaning of words.

Modern Milestones:

  • Features artists, musicians, scientists, and others who have influenced our world since early modern times
  • Expands and adapts the familiar Spelling You See activities:
    • marking word patterns – focuses attention on the ways in which suffixes and prefixes affect the spelling of different words
    • copywork – continues to be a valuable tool to help the brain pay attention to details in print
    • dictation – gives an opportunity for student to demonstrate decoding and encoding in a meaningful context
  • Includes a weekly Workshop activity that provides students with opportunities to apply and practice the patterns they have learned
  • Gradually increases in reading level, providing opportunities for vocabulary development and allowing students to learn how to spell words in an interesting context
  • Includes 36 weekly lessons divided between two books; each lesson has five parts, A through E
  • Has daily activities consisting of two facing pages
  • Includes erasable colored pencils with the Student Pack

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