Jul 2022

Spelling Classroom is an interactive spelling & vocabulary  program that rewards student effort and makes it easy for teachers to create, assign, assess and manage word lists.

Spelling Classroom offers a LOT!

  • Create custom word lists and/or select from 2,600+ preloaded lists
  • Customize weekly lessons from 31+ interactive fun learning modules
  • Robust reporting on student activities – search, sort and download
  • Take lessons offline with our printables – includes answer key for teachers
  • Create handwriting printables – even cursive!
  • Differentiated instruction with visual progress clues
  • Teachers can assign specific lists to students
  • Teachers can leave student and classroom messages
  • Celebrate student success with our 94+ reward games
  • Customizable (turn learning modules On/Off)
  • Test settings – passing grade, retries and specific day availability
  • Sentence & paragraph writing lessons
  • Pen & Paper Spelling Test module simulates a traditional spelling test

Spelling Classroom is a K-12 online educational program designed to dramatically improve long-term retention of spelling and vocabulary words. We teach words to mastery. How? By leveraging interactive technologies that convert lessons to fun, multisensory experiences, Spelling Classroom presents the “learning” of words in a gamified environment. Students are motivated to learn more, all the while building a solid literacy foundation that makes it easier to become fluid readers and writers.

If you are looking for something new and transformative, you found it!  Sign-up today and see for yourself why over 700,000+ teachers and students use Spelling Classroom.


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