Meet Science: Light & Sound


The 2nd version of ‘Meet Science’, Light and Sound edition inspires all school-aged kids to explore fundamental concepts of Light and Sound with variety of fun features such as animations, experiments, and mini-games.

■ Best Way to Use ‘Meet Science’
- Learn about light and sound with fun, interactive animations and review what you’ve learned through OX and word quizzes.
- Indulge your curiosity by making predictions and observations on each experiment.
- Beautifully designed Glossary and 3 mini-games will help to fully enjoy and understand Physics.

■ Contents
1. Learn
- Enrich your learning experiences with educational animations that introduces topics such as light and shadow, refraction and reflection, sound principles, height and size of sound.
- Review the topics through OX and word quizzes and experiments related to each topic.

2. Experiments
- Find out how to make fun patterns with sound and try changing the direction of arrow with water by watching marvelous experiment videos.
- Neatly organized summary notes will help you comprehend the experiments even better.

3. Glossary
- Grasp the meaning of the words and find your favorite scientist with images and animations.
- Learn about how light and sound are applied around us such as ultrasonic waves which lets you know the location of an object in water and optical illusion used in Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak

4. Mini Games
- Point-N-Shoot Waves: Match the frequency of the shell and the wave aliens to defeat all the aliens!
- Mix-N-Match Colors: Mix and match the 3 primary colors and shine the stage to make characters dance!
- Reflect-N-Collect Lights: Pass the light from the mole’s safety helmet to the flower to burst into bloom!
- Quiz Game: Answer the quizzes with what you’ve learnt.

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