Mastering Competitive Debate


The must-have basics for all competitive debate formatsCurrent information about all competitive debate formats make this text a must for your students. The content focuses on policy debate, with additional chapters covering Lincoln-Douglas debate, student congress, mock trial, parliamentary debate, and public forum debate. 346 pages.

A digital Student Edition features six-year online access.


  • Each chapter begins with student objectives based on National Communcation Association standards as well as individual state standards. Clear examples and graphics throughout the text help
  • debaters understand
  • debate history and theory
  • debate ethics
  • argumentation
  • rebuttals
  • defense
  • flowing
  • briefing
  • traditional and electronic research
  • Chapter overviews include student objectives, key vocabulary, and an introduction.
  • Charts and organizers enhance learning.

Teacher Guide

  • chapter activities for individuals, teams, or the entire class
  • chapter quizzes and answer keys
  • preparation for tournaments
  • tournament management
  • grading strategies
  • sample ballots
  • a bibliography and resource list