Magnus' Kingdom of Chess


"Magnus' Kingdom of Chess" is the fun way for children from 5 years old to learn chess and unleash their cognitive potential.

This groundbreaking game is the result of a collaboration between World Champion Magnus Carlsen and his team of chess experts at Play Magnus, and DragonBox; a pedagogy studio globally acclaimed for its unique math learning games.

No advertisements. No in-app purchases. Just peace of mind for parents that their kids are playing with a premium, world-class learning app.

Pedagogical steps:

  • Learning how different pieces move and capture.
  • Learning the notion of checkmate and simple checkmating patterns.
  • Learning to complete simple tactical and strategic tasks.
  • Intro to basic checkmating techniques against a lone king.
  • Complete games versus a basic chess engine.

The main goal of "Magnus' Kingdom of Chess" is to introduce children to chess rules and strategies so they learn enough to transition to a real board.

Through a smooth progression, kids will be introduced to each chess pieces over six different worlds where players will meet Magnus Carlsen himself as well as a mysterious Prince. Step by step they will solve chess situations with more and more pieces, and apply more and more chess rules.

Once they complete the game they receive a diploma and they'll be ready to play against other children, family or at school, as well as playing with other apps from Play Magnus such as the Magnus trainer or Play Magnus.

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Student's grade: 2nd
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Liked: FUN
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magnus' Kingdom of Chess by WeWantToKnow?

Magnus' Kingdom of Chess is a learning resource for Chess. It is available in the following format(s): Android App, iPhone/iPad App, and Game. It is suited for Kindergarten - 8th students.

What grade level is Magnus' Kingdom of Chess by WeWantToKnow appropriate for?

It is designed for Kindergarten - 8th students, but could be useful for students of other ages as well; please look at the description and images to determine suitability.

How much does Magnus' Kingdom of Chess by WeWantToKnow cost?

It costs about $8. (US)