Life Science Lab Kit


This lab kit is designed for middle school Life Science curriculum. It offers 30 hands-on experiments and contains everything needed to accomplish the labs (except for a couple of common household items). Contents include the 171 page Life Science Kit Manual, a 45 page teachers answer guide, over 38 types of equipment, a dissection kit, two specimens, and two types of prepared slides.

Designed for independent study, distance learning and classrooms, the QSL Life Science Kit offers a virtually fail-safe method for including labs in your curriculum. Ages 13 and up.


1. Introduction to the Microscope

2. Classification

3. Enzymes

4. Cells

5. Osmosis and Diffusion

6. Cellular Respiration

7. Photosynthesis

8. Mitosis

9. Genetic Crossing

10. Karyotypes

11. Natural Selection

12. Chicken Wing Dissection

13. Bacteria

14. Fungi

15. Plant Structure

16. Gravitropism

17. Flower Reproduction

18. Earthworm Dissection

19. Crayfish

20. Goldfish Respiration

21. Endothermic Animals

22. Animal Behavior

23. Meiosis

24. Pond Water Ecosystem

25. Population Density

26. Pollution

27. Muscular System

28. Exercise

29. Lactose Digestion

30. Nervous System

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