Hooked on Phonics


.It really works
More than 5 million parents and teachers have used the program. Developed by education experts, Hooked on Phonics is the Gold Standard in teaching kids to read.

It builds self-esteem
Helping kids become strong readers can boost their confidence in school and at home. Hooked on Phonics is truly an investment in a child’s future.

Kids love it!
Parents tell us all the time that their kids don’t want to stop “playing” Hooked on Phonics. Children see the fun. Parents see the learning.

Print Concepts
In order for children to learn how to read, it’s essential that they have a solid understanding of the organization and basic features of print.

Phonological Awareness
To become competent readers, children need to be able to isolate individual sounds, called phonemes, and blend them together in order to decode and produce words.

Sight Words
To become fluent readers, children need to be able to read high-frequency words by sight (e.g., the, of, you, my is do, does, she), without having to stop and try to sound them out.

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