General Statistics Online Course


Join Dr. Ji Son’s General Statistics online course which combines clear explanations of concepts, tons of diagrams, and step-by-step examples. Dr. Son also utilizes Excel to break down difficult concepts into understandable ideas and showcases the power of digital statistics analysis.
Duration: 36 hours, 33 minutes

Number of Lessons: 49

This time-saving course covers information applicable for both high school and college statistics courses, as well as lifelong learners. Excel and downloadable files are used to highlight lecture examples and provide hands-on training of the popular program.

Additional Features:

Free Sample Lessons
Closed Captioning (CC)
Practice Questions
Downloadable Lecture Slides
Instructor Comments
Topics Include:

Descriptive vs Inferential Statistics
Frequency Distributions
Central Tendency
Normal Distribution
Linear Regression
Sampling Methods
Probability Distributions
Sampling Distributions
Hypothesis Testing
Chi-Square Test

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