Civics and Government


This 3 week unit covers 21 standards of civics and government for the primary grades with resources for whole group, independent work, center work, and homework.

This Unit Includes

  • 23 worksheets of varying difficulty level for all students, independent work, and whole group instruction
  • 15 answer keys for the corresponding worksheets, making them an excellent option for independent center work
  • 13 colorful posters address a range of topics throughout the unit
  • 3 mini books for students to fill in the blank, illustrate, cut, and create
  • 2 sets of fact cards which correspond with posters and worksheets – print each set back to back to supply students with take-home material or study aids
  • 42 vocabulary cards which correspond to the entire unit, with 4 extra blank cards – wonderful addition to any review or center work

The following standards are covered in this unit

  • Understand the meaning of honesty, compassion, respect, and responsibility.
  • Understand the meaning and difference between rights and responsibilities
  • Describe some responsibilities people have at home.
  • Discuss the roles of people in families who hold positions of authority at home.
  • Explain the purpose and importance of rules and procedures in schools. Identify some reasons for rules in school.
  • Give examples of people who have the power and authority to make and enforce rules in school.
  • Give examples of the use of power without authority in school.
  • Explain how decisions can be made or how conflicts might be resolved in fair and just ways.
  • And much more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Civics and Government by The Learning Store?

Civics and Government is a learning resource for Civics. It is available in the following format(s): Kindle/ebook and Worksheet/Printable. It is suited for 1st - 2nd students.

What grade level is Civics and Government by The Learning Store appropriate for?

It is designed for 1st - 2nd students, but could be useful for students of other ages as well; please look at the description and images to determine suitability.

How much does Civics and Government by The Learning Store cost?

It costs about $5. (US)