Biology Curriculum


Biology Cell Biology Unit Preview, Cell Membrane, Enzymes, Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells, RNA’s Role, The Role of the Endoplasmic Reticulum and the Golgi Apparatus, Energy Capture and Storage, Mitochondria, Macromolecules, What Determines the Eukaryotic Cell’s Shape? Mutations and Sexual Reproduction Unit Preview, Meiosis, Random Chromosome Segregation, New Combinations of Alleles, How Do Chromosomes Define Sex?, Predict Possible Combinations of Alleles Development of Multicellular Organisms Unit Preview, Possible Outcome of Phenotypes, Mendel’s Laws, Genetic Maps Genes and DNA Unit Preview, Protein Synthesis, Genetic Coding Rules, Effects of DNA Mutation, Cell Gene Patterns in Multicellular Organisms, Protein Differences Alteration of Genetic Composition Unit Preview, Structure and Function of DNA, RNA, Base Pairing Rules, Genetic Engineering, DNA Technology and Recombinant DNA | Adding, Adding DNA to Bacterial Genetic Material Balance in the Ecosystem Unit Preview, Biodiversity , Ecosystem Changes, Fluctuation in Population Size, Water, Carbon and Nitrogen Cycle, Stability in an Ecosystem, Energy Pyramid, Accommodation and Adaptation Evolution Unit Preview, New Mutations, Selection and Diversity, Evidence of Evolution, Branching Diagrams , Natural Selection, Lethal Homozygous Alleles and Their Roles, Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Genetic Changes During Evolution Unit Preview, Great Diversity-Increased Chance to Survive, Effects of Genetic Drifts, Reproductive and Geographic Isolation , Fossil Analysis, Branching Diagram (Cladogram), When Did the Different Organisms Start to Develop Differently? Major Body Systems Unit Preview, Circulation, Digestive System, Digestive Enzymes, Kidney’s Role, Respiratory System Communication Systems in the Body Unit Preview, The Nervous System, The Roles of the Sensory Neurons, Interneurons, and Motor Neurons, Cellular and Molecular Basis of Muscle Contraction, Endocrine System, Hormones Diseases Unit Preview, Skin’s Role, Antibodies, Vaccination, The Differences Between Bacteria and Viruses, The Problems of a Compromised Immune System, Phagocytes, B-lymphocytes and T-lymphocytes Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Biology Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Biology

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7th - College | Online class

Life is beautiful! From atoms to cells, from genes to proteins, from populations to ecosystems, biology is the study of the fascinating and intricate systems that make life possible. Dive in to...


Science of Life: Biology Package

8th - 9th | Book

Make the complicated easy by taking a building blocks approach to learning! Filled with scientific information, the material is broken down into learnable pieces so your student can grasp the...


The Biology Project: Human Biology

High School - College | Online resource

This resource has basic information and problem sets on human biology topics including DNA forensics, karyotyping, genetics, blood types, reproduction, and sexually transmitted diseases.


Prentice Hall Biology

9th - High School | Product

The respected author team of Ken Miller and Joe Levine are back with a new edition of biology books to inspire students to interact with trusted and up-to-date biology content. The authors’ unique...

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Biology For Every Kid: 101 Easy Experiments That Really Work

2nd - 6th | Book

What's the effect of osmosis on a raisin?How is water transported through plant stems?What's the best way to grow penicillin?How are butterflies different from moths?Now you can discover answers to...


Biology (non-lab)

High School | Book, Online class

Biology introduces students to the study of living things. Students learn about ecology, the basic chemistry of life, cellular processes, genetics, evolutionary theory, the major kingdoms and phyla...

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Higher Altitudes in Biology Digital Textbook Bundle

9th - High School | ebook/Kindle

Higher Altitudes in Biology explores Biology and the diversity and structures of living systems. 180 Lessons One Low Price! Higher Altitudes in Biology explores Biology and the diversity and...


Life Science Lab Kit

6th - 8th | Product

This lab kit is designed for middle school Life Science curriculum. It offers 30 hands-on experiments and contains everything needed to accomplish the labs (except for a couple of common household...



7th - High School | Online video/YouTube is a free, core academic web site that delivers rich multimedia content—videos, animations, and simulations—on general education subjects to middle-school and high-school teachers...



2nd - 5th | Online resource

Practice biology skills on IXL, have fun, and win awards!

$10 monthly

High School & College General Biology

High School - College | Online class

Duration: 24 hours, 56 minutes Number of Lessons: 37 This online course covers everything from the microscopic to the macroscopic and is perfect for both high school and college students beginning...

$35 monthly

Life Science Homeschool Curriculum

6th - 8th | Product

This text explores patterns, along with ever-evolving diversity. First, the text puts the smallest unit of life—the cell—under a microscope. Students learn about the parts of cells, their...

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AGS Globe Biology

6th - 8th | Product

This text explores patterns, along with ever-evolving diversity. First, the text puts the smallest unit of life—the cell—under a microscope. Students learn about the parts of cells, their...


Biology Grade 7

7th | Online resource

Science Cells Unit Preview, Basic Cell Characteristics, Nucleus, Mitochondria, Chloroplasts, Mitosis and Organism Development, Summary Genetics Unit Preview, Genes and DNA, Sexual and Asexual...

$360 yearly


4th - College | Online class

What makes life on Earth so special? How do you explain its diversity? And what exactly is it? How life emerged remains a mystery, but we know that it possesses four qualities: It can metabolize,...


Introduction to Biology

High School - College | Online class

This introductory course defines biology and its relationship to other sciences. We examine the overarching theories of life from biological research and also explore the fundamental concepts and...


QSL Biology Lab Kit

9th - High School | Product

The QSL Biology Lab Kit provides the hands-on laboratory component of a biology science course. It is coordinated with: A Beka, ACE Ministries, Alpha Omega, Apologia (Wile), BJU (Bob Jones...


Biology Curriculum for Homeschoolers

9th - High School | Mac OS, Windows

This 30-week technology-based high school Biology curriculum makes a great alternative for any student that has difficulty focusing on or reading a science textbook. The weekly lesson guides...


Fascinating Biology

9th - High School | Online class

In Fascinating Biology, you will learn the basic principles of biology, including the components of life: cell membranes, taking in nutrients, creating chemical energy, growing and repairing,...

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Biology (non-lab) (online)

High School | Online class

This online Biology (non-lab) course addresses in its first semester key concepts and processes from chemistry, cells, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, genetics and DNA. The scientific method...

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Introduction to Biology Playlist

7th - College | Online/YouTube video

thenewboston Official Introduction to Biology Playlist!


Biology Textbook - Biology Matters

9th - High School | Book

Biology Matters textbook is written in alignment with the latest GCE Ordinary Level Biology syllabus requirements stipulated by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. Designed for effective concept...

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Crash Course: Biology

7th - College | Online/YouTube video

Hank Green teaches you biology!  This awesome YouTube playlist covers all the basics of Biology, including carbon, molecules, cells, membranes, respiration, photosynthesis, and much more.


Biology Coloring Book

4th - 6th | Book

The Biology Coloring Book consisting of colorable drawings and related terms beginning with the basic building blocks of life – matter and elements – and working up from the cell to tissues,...


Biology (lab)

High School - College | Book, Online class

Biology introduces students to the study of living things. Students learn about ecology, the basic chemistry of life, cellular processes, genetics, evolutionary theory, the major kingdoms and phyla...

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Biology: The Ultimate Self Teaching Guide - Introduction to the Wonderful World of Biology

7th - College | Audio CD/MP3, Book, ebook/Kindle

If you have ever wanted to know more about biology, but thought it would too confusing, then this is the book for you. We take the concepts of biology and put them in simple terms, allowing you to...


Biology Homeschool Curriculum

9th - High School | Online resource, Product

Holt McDougal Biology is designed to accomodate a wide range of student abilities. Shop now for a biology homeschool package at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Holt McDougal Biology © 2012 is a...


Health and Life Science Collection

5th - High School | ebook/Kindle, Online resource

This collection presents in-depth information about key topics covered in the life science curriculum, including the human body, health, and food sources. Bioengineering Biology: Understanding...


Life Science

6th - 8th | Product

This comprehensive hardcover program offers the right balance of challenging content and text accessibility that helps all levels of students succeed in science. A unique left-hand “Concept” page...

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