Develop students' thinking skills and vocabulary strategiesStudents use associations and relationships to determine the meaning of words and concepts. Educators have long realized that working with analogies teaches students to

  • recognize and analyze relationships
  • look for likenesses and differences
  • draw conclusions
  • work with multiple word meanings
  • have fun with words

Beginning with the basic fundamentals of understanding analogies, each book builds on previous editions—reviewing and introducing new analogy types and more advanced categories.

Each book can be used independently of the others.

Teacher GuidesInclude complete answer keys and extension activities for individual or small-group learning.

Book A (Grades 3–4)An excellent introduction to analogies. Twelve pages of scaffolded instruction help students find and understand relationships in concepts. Practice lessons introduce basic analogy categories

  • adult-young
  • object-description
  • male-female
  • synonym
  • antonym
  • object-location

Book B (Grades 5–6)The same structured instruction as in Book A with more challenging categories and problems. Book B reviews the analogies taught in Book A and introduces eight more analogy categories

  • homonym
  • part-whole
  • worker-place
  • degree
  • cause and effect
  • sequence
  • and more

Book C (Grades 7–8)Students review and practice 17 types of analogies, including four new types

  • object-use
  • geographical
  • symbol
  • part-part

Book D (Grades 9–10)For students who are familiar with analogies, this edition introduces 10 new challenging analogies, some with content from science, history, and literature. The text reviews the process for solving analogies and all problem types introduced in previous books.

  • mythological
  • action-meaning
  • literary
  • scientific
  • historical
  • worker-product
  • and others

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