Algebra & Trigonometry


Algebra and Trigonometry provides a comprehensive and multi-layered exploration of algebraic principles. The text is suitable for a typical introductory algebra course, and wasdeveloped to be used flexibly. While the breadth of topics may go beyond what an instructor would cover, the modular approach and the richness of content ensures that the app meets the needs of a variety of programs.

Algebra and Trigonometry guides and supports students with differing levels of preparation and experience with mathematics. Ideas are presented as clearly as possible, and progress to more complex understandings with considerable reinforcement along the way. A wealth of examples—usually several dozen per chapter—offer detailed, conceptual explanations, in order to build in students a strong, cumulative foundation in the material before asking them to apply what they’ve learned.

Coverage and Scope

In determining the concepts, skills, and topics to cover, we engaged dozens of highly experienced instructors with a range of student audiences. The resulting scope and sequence proceeds logically while allowing for a significant amount of flexibilityin instruction.

Unit 1 and 2 provide both a review and foundation for study of Functions that begins in Unit 3. The authors recognize that while some institutions may find this material a prerequisite, other institutions have told us that they have a cohort that need the prerequisite skills built into the course.-

  • Unit 1: Prerequisites
  • Unit 2: Equations and Inequalities

Unit 3-6: The Algebraic Functions-

  • Unit 3: Functions-
  • Unit 4: Linear Functions-
  • Unit 5: Polynomial and Rational Functions-
  • Unit 6: Exponential and Logarithm Functions

Unit 7-10: A Study of Trigonometry-

  • Unit 7: The Unit Circle: Sine and Cosine Functions-
  • Unit 8: Periodic Functions-
  • Unit 9: Trigonometric Identities and Equations-
  • Unit 10: Further Applications of Trigonometry

Unit 11-13: Further Study in Algebra and Trigonometry-

  • Unit 11: Systems of Equations and Inequalities-
  • Unit 12: Analytic Geometry-
  • Unit 13: Sequences, Probability, and Counting Theory

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