Programming on Solana - An Introduction


Jul 2022

This guide is meant to serve as an intro to coding on the Solana (opens new window)Blockchain, using an escrow program as an example. We'll go through the code together, building the escrow program step by step. I've also created a UI you will be able to use to try out your program. Additionally, you'll get to play with the (shameless plug) spl-token-ui.

Most of the info in this blog post can be found somewhere in the docs or in example programs. Having said this, I have not found a guide that both walks through most of the coding theory step by step and applies it in practice. I hope this post achieves this, interweaving the theory and practice of Solana programs. It requires no previous knowledge of Solana. While this is not a Rust tutorial, I will link to the Rust docs (opens new window)whenever I introduce a new concept. I will also link to the relevant Solana docs although you don't have to read them to follow along.


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