Perfection Learning® Spelling with Integrated Language Arts


Jun 2022

Teach students to spell while improving reading, writing, and language arts skills

Research has shown that students who are taught to recognize spelling generalizations among words show more spelling success. This program focuses on these common spelling rules through four primary strategies of instruction: visual memory, phonics, word structure, and analogy.

activities integrate spelling practice with standards-based skills for reading and language arts

  • A research-based approach develops the spelling strategies and skills needed for reading and writing success.
  • Systematic lessons plans highlight key activities with three- or five-day teaching options.
  • Spelling activities build standards-based skills in reading, writing, language, and speaking/listening.
  • Supports students of all abilities through differentiated instruction, word lists, and ELL support.
  • Comprehensive technology support—designed for today's digital classroom.

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