‎Martha Speaks Story Maker


Jul 2022

Write your own pocket-sized adventures with Martha! Make your own stories with Martha and her friends! Then, play with the characters in your storybook while Martha reads. Or, play in the balloon-popping Wordbone Zone. Martha Speaks Story Maker is like having an adventure with Martha wherever you go.

With Martha Speaks Story Maker you can make eight different interactive stories with Martha, who reads the story you’ve just made. Your stories will be saved in your own private library to re-read with Martha anytime you like. You can also test out all the new vocabulary you’ve heard in your stories!

As with the Martha Speaks television show and website, the Martha Speaks Story Maker app is designed to increase oral vocabulary. There are 128 words (like turret, sturdy or confused) spread throughout eight different stories to be made. As players make different choices in their stories they’ll hear up to sixteen different words and their definitions in each. These words are then reinforced in the Wordbone Zone quiz and revisited each time they re-read their stories from the Library.


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