Horizons Homeschool Curriculum 1st Grade 1, Complete Set


Jun 2022

Horizons is an award winning curriculum, renown for its bright illustrations, captivating content, hands-on activities, and solid results. Your student will love the colorful workbooks with removable pages; parents will love the easy-to-use teacher’s guides with must-have daily planners, lesson schedules, and clear objectives. This popular Christian homeschool curriculum is based on the Bible and integrates scripture and Christian living into all subjects. Horizons uses a spiral learning methodology to help your student master concepts through the process of introduction, review, and reinforcement. This way of learning allows students to quickly grasp concepts in a motivating format. Perfect for hands-on learning, Horizons is a winning combination of fun, entertainment, and academic success. This popular first grade program sets the stage for future learning. This Horizons five subject curriculum set contains everything you need to launch your students 1st grade year


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This resource has religious influence.
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