English 2: Composition and Grammar


Jun 2022

English 2: Composition and Grammar is the second in a series of one-half unit courses which stress a positive interest in language and training in speaking and writing. In this course, students build on the understanding of vocabulary, grammar, writing and speaking acquired in English 1: Composition and Grammar. They develop their communication skills through expanding their vocabulary, analyzing sentence structure, and writing themes.

In completing this course, among other activities, students are required to identify and correct grammatical and mechanical errors, edit paragraphs for clarity and consistency; engage in prewriting activities; write spatial order, compare and contrast, and cause and effect essays as well as essays which describe, narrate, explain and persuade; and write a business letter.
There are 6 examinations in English 2: Composition and Grammar.
Language Network: Grammar, Writing, Communication, McDougal Littell.


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