Algebra 1 Online Course


Jul 2022

Professor Eric Smith’s comprehensive online course on Algebra 1 will help you become an expert in no time, with clear explanations of common terminology and methods pertinent to the lesson. He illustrates concepts with colorful examples, and reinforces them with plenty of sample problems and step-by-step solutions.

Duration: 18 hours, 58 minutes

Number of Lessons: 61

This fun & straightforward course in Algebra 1 is perfect for students learning Algebra for the first time or just someone brushing up on their math skills.

Additional Features:

Free Sample Lessons
Closed Captioning (CC)
Practice Questions
Downloadable Lecture Slides
Study Guides
Instructor Comments
Topics Include:

Properties of Real Numbers
Linear Equations in One Variable
Slope & Graphing
Systems of Equations
Compound Inequalities
Factoring Trinomials
Quadratic Equations
Complex Fractions
Radical Equations


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