4th Grade


Jun 2022

Idea Expression and Scientific Discovery

Our 4th Grade curriculum provides opportunity for students to exercise their creativity by writing original compositions. Students are also given the opportunity to divulge in new topics in science and technology. The reading curriculum relies on classic children’s literature and poetry, with lessons designed to increase comprehension, appreciation, and analysis.

Two different math options are available with our 4th Grade curriculum: 1) Calvert Math, a traditional math program where students learn fluency and accuracy in four operations, multiply and divide three digits, understand mixed numbers, tackle probability, add and subtract decimals, and begin studying geometry or 2) Math in Focus, a new, modernized math approach where students compare and order numbers up to 100,000, use rounding and front-end estimation, find the mean, median, and mode of a data set, and determine the probability of an event.

4th Grade students will gain exposure to more technology, while they learn to use spreadsheets and create tables, charts, and graphs. Life science and physical science units are also covered in 4th Grade. Students will discover topics such as electricity and magnetism.

The Tools You Need Plus Unlimited Support

Our comprehensive 4th Grade homeschool program includes everything you need to successfully educate your child at home: print textbooks, workbooks, reading books, maps, science and math kits, activity pages, tests, and more! Our print and online Lesson Manuals include complete daily lesson plans and step-by-step instructions.

All Calvert programs also include access to the Calvert Teaching Navigator, our innovative online resource that makes homeschooling with Calvert easier and more flexible than ever before. Plus, every enrollment includes free, unlimited Teacher Support from our highly trained and certified Education Counselors.


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