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Become a Design Business Owner

College | Online class Ready to strike out on your own as a freelance designer, or build your own design studio from the ground up? This path will provide you with essential information, expert insights, and inspiration...
$20 monthly

Design a Logo

College | Online class Ensure the logos you create reflect both an understanding of design and the polish of a trained eye. Designers can make logos more valuable to clients by learning to focus on what counts and...
$20 monthly

Information Design

College | Online class A blank canvas is full of possibility. If you have an idea for a user experience, how do you turn it into a beautiful and effective user interface? This covers covers principles of visual design so...

Running Valuable Design Sprints

College | Online class Typically, clients and managers don’t want to pay for design (or strategy) but want to rush toward results. Design sprints allow you to meet clients’ desire for solutions—to develop sooner—and...

Stay Competitive Using Design Thinking

College | Online class Stay Competitive Using Design Thinking Design thinking involves strategies and systems that improve and refine the design process. It drives innovation across industries—from hospitals to oil...
$20 monthly

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