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Agile Planning for Software Products

High School - College | Online class This course covers the techniques required to break down and map requirements into plans that will ultimately drive software production. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able...

Drive to Value with Agile Methods

College | Online class In this Specialization, you’ll gain an understanding and appreciation of the principles and practice of agile management. You’ll learn to coordinate all aspects of the agile development process,...

Managing an Agile Team

College | Online class Traditional development processes often lead to team frustration and poor results. Agile offers a different approach to managing the complexity of software development. This course focuses on the...

Software Processes and Agile Practices

College | Online class This course delves into a variety of processes to structure software development. It also covers the foundations of core Agile practices, such as Extreme Programming and Scrum. Upon successful...

Software Product Management Capstone

College | Online class In this six-week capstone course, you will gain practical management experience in a safe, simulated software production setting. You will apply Agile practices and techniques to conquer...

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