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Online classes are a great alternative to classroom instruction these days. They go beyond lecture videos by including online quizzes or tests to verify that students have truly learned the material, and some have scheduled online lectures or group participation. Find the best online courses here for any grade level and virtually any academic subject, many of which are suitable for high school or college level classes. To see just free online classes, set the price filter to zero.

Writing 2

Writing & Composition   High School | Book, Online class

Writing 2 is a full unit course which builds on the writing skills developed in Writing 1. Writing 2 fosters a student’s ability to write grammatically correct, unified, coherent and...

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Writing Professional Email and Memos (Project-Centered Course)

Business Communication   College | Online class

Want your workplace writing to make a positive impression? At the end of this course, you will be a more confident writer, able to create higher quality professional documents more quickly. This...


Финансовые рынки и институты (Financial Markets and Institutions)

Finance   College | Online class

В рамках данного курса рассматриваются основные вопросы функционирования финансовых рынков, деятельности финансовых институтов, изучаются финансовые инструменты, с которыми приходится сталкиваться...



Philosophy   College | Online class

这是一个全球化、信息化、快餐化的时代;全球化拷问着人们的文化根基,信息化拷问着人们的价值信仰,快餐化拷问着人们的经典阅读。 民族的就是世界的。为继承弘扬中华文化传统,我们特意打造这门课,希冀提供一个阅读哲学经典、传承中国文化、铸造民族精神的平台,让中国文化走向世界、走向未来。...



Finance   College | Online class



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