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We created Zearn Math so all kids can learn and love math. We do this by offering an internationally-normed, rigorous curriculum that personalizes math learning and math teaching.

Every decision we make at Zearn supports equity.
Zearn is a nonprofit with a model that ensures Zearn Math is accessible to all. From a technology standpoint, Zearn Math is web-based and available to anyone with an internet connection. From a cost perspective, Zearn has a sustainable model that ensures Zearn Math is for free for teachers and families, while supporting schools and districts with Zearn for Schools products, including School Accounts, Professional Development, and Printed Classroom Materials.

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Zearn Math

Kindergarten - 5th | Online resource

Zearn Math is a rigorous math curriculum that teaches math as big, connected math ideas. Zearn Math is based on Eureka Math / Engage NY, the most highly-rated and widely-used curriculum available....