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WorldAtlas has had a presence online since 1994. Over the years, the site has evolved to fill a niche on the web that aims to provide informative content surrounding the realm of geography that is both factually accurate and enjoyable to read. Through charts, tables, lists, graphs and articles, World Atlas covers topics that reach beyond geography to include sociology, demography, environment, economics, politics, and most recently, travel. This content is in addition to the amazing database of original maps that can also be found on the site. World Atlas is used as a resource for educators, students, and those who are simply curious about the world around them.

WorldAtlas is driven by a team of committed writers, as well as a small editorial and web development team. We work together to strive towards:

  • Providing engaging content that is both educational and enjoyable to read.
  • Presenting reputable facts about our world that are from well-researched, trusted sources in a way that is free of jargon, making it accessible and easy to comprehend.
  • Providing a resource for educators and students across the world by hosting a wide database of maps, tables, and charts which complement lesson plans.
  • Provide a unique web-browsing experience for those interested in our world and the amazing people, places and animals on it.

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