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The Thinking Tree


All About Animals - Library Based Fun-Schooling Journal

Animal Biology   3rd - 6th | Printable

For Creative Students, Age 9 to 12 – Eclectic Homeschooling for 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Grades Use this Journal if… If you are an eclectic Homeschoolng Family If you love using Library Books If you...


All About Horses - Homeschooling Journal - Horse Lovers Handbook

Horses   4th - 8th | Printable

The Perfect Method for Homeschooling Horse Lovers! A Delight Directed Learning Guide Read, write, spell, draw, color, doodle and study horses! Cover every subject! For ages 9 to 14 Your child can...


An Educational Coloring Book - 99 Occupations: "When I Grow Up I Want to Be..."

Career Planning   1st - 9th | Printable

Help your child to learn all about 99 different careers and jobs through a fun-schooling coloring book! By coloring picture of 99 people doing different jobs your child will have an opportunity to...


Do It Yourself High School Homeschooling Handbook Library Based Curriculum - Journal and Study Guide For Eclectic Students

Homeschooling   9th - High School | Book

Do-It-Yourself Homeschooling Curriculum Handbook for High School Students The student will use 12 pages each day along with a selection of library books and curriculum to cover every required subject.


Fun-Schooling Spelling Journal

Spelling   2nd - 5th | Printable

A homeschooling spelling curriculum that you and your child will love using! This spelling journal was created to be loved by creative and inquisitive children. “I was looking for something that...


Nature Study & Outdoor Science Journal

Natural Sciences   2nd - 6th | Printable

The Thinking Tree Presents: A Creative Book of Observation, Drawing, Coloring, Writing & Discovery Through Nature – Fun-Schooling for All Ages Nature Study & Outdoor Science Journal A...


Study of Art & History - 180 Day Picture Study Journal Includes 90 Notable Paintings Dated 1700-1930

Art History   3rd - High School | Book

This colorful workbook is excellent for a wide variety of ages, and not only introduces the student to some amazing works of art, but also helps the child discover the meaning, importance, history...