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Introduction to Bitcoins

Cryptocurrency   7th - College | Online resource

Bitcoin is a digital currency and payment system that was introduced in 2009 by an anonymous programmer (or programmers). Over the past few years, it has attracted tremendous interest from...


Introduction to Black Holes

Black Holes   High School - College | Online resource

Black Holes (BHs) are the standard-bearers of cool Physics. Pop culture is full of references to these objects that are so powerful that nothing can escape them. A lot of Physicists have spent...


Introduction to Genetics I

Genetics   7th - College | Online resource

Genes are the fundamental units that determine the traits that organisms exhibit. Genetics is a study of genes themselves, and how they are passed from an organism to its offspring. In this module,...


Introduction to Quantum Mechanics I

Relativity & Quantum Mechanics   9th - College | Online resource

Quantum Mechanics (QM) is perhaps the most fascinating Physics discovery of the 20th Century. For millenia, most people expected Nature to behave in a similar manner whether you were looking at...


Introduction to Vectors I

Precalculus   7th - College | Online resource

Learning about Vectors is crucial to understanding any concept in Physics. Physics deals with how objects behave and their behaviour is captured using the language of Vectors. Vectors also play a...