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Welcome to Quality Science Labs. We are a rapidly growing business located in the majestic Rocky Mountains just west of Colorado Springs. Our passion is science ……teaching it, learning it, experiencing it. We provide “innovative solutions for quality education” and we’ve been doing it for over 15 years. Our vision has always been to offer hands-on lab kits that deliver creative, active-learning experiences to elementary through college preparatory audiences. Thanks for visiting our website, we hope to hear from you soon.

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Chemistry Lab Kit

9th - High School | Product

The MicroChem Kit 2nd Edition provides instruction at a college-preparatory level. It is intended as the laboratory component of a chemistry course. Coordinated with: A Beka CHEMISTRY Precision...


Earth Science Lab Kit

Earth Science
6th - 8th | Product

The Earth Science has 36 activities covering 10 major areas. All labs are well documented with an extended background to assist with learning. This kit does include the QSL Earth Science Manual....


Life Science Lab Kit

6th - 8th | Product

This lab kit is designed for middle school Life Science curriculum. It offers 30 hands-on experiments and contains everything needed to accomplish the labs (except for a couple of common household...


Physical Science Lab Kit

Physical Science
6th - 8th | Product

The MicroPhySci Kit 2nd Edition provides an academically challenging laboratory curriculum for students in grades 7-10. It is intended as the laboratory portion of a physical science course...


Physics Lab Kit

9th - High School | Product

This kits helps teachers in small schools or home schools overcome the challenges often experienced with science experiments. The innovative hands-on laboratory exercises were developed to be...


QSL Biology Lab Kit

9th - High School | Product

The QSL Biology Lab Kit provides the hands-on laboratory component of a biology science course. It is coordinated with: A Beka, ACE Ministries, Alpha Omega, Apologia (Wile), BJU (Bob Jones...