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A free and open computational thinking playground. Modify expressions, functions, and algorithms to discover the beauty of math.

Polyup is a math education app available freely on the web. With the goal of instilling creative problem solving and computational thinking skills to K-12 students, Polyup allows students to play with numbers and functions in a freeform environment.

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1st-2nd Grade

2nd Grade Math Curriculum
1st - 2nd | Website

Interative exercises in counting, operations, algebraic thinking, math facts, and measurements.


Grades 3 to 5

5th Grade Math Curriculum
3rd - 5th | Website

Series of exercises to help learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, order of operations, multiplication, division, fractions, and much more.


Grades 6 to 8

8th Grade Math Curriculum
6th - 8th | Website

Series of exercises to help learn functions, square roots, factorials, negative and positive numbers, series, sequences, absolute values, and more.


Grades 9 to 12

8th Grade Math Curriculum
9th - High School | Website

Series of exercises focusing on functions, factorials, series, sequences, conditional loops, absolute values, and more.