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As kids build Piper and progress through the games, they develop both technical skills and approaches that lead to inventive solutions.

Learn the basics of coding with over 7 fun physical electronic games you code yourself! Follow simple step by step tutorials!

The Piper experience
Piper is a perfect gift to inspire kids to invent with electronics and coding through the Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft

Used in School
Used in classrooms all over the world to inspire and engage kids with programming, design and engineering

Creativity + Computing
Piper will capture the attention of any kid who is looking for an outlet for their creative energy and answers to their curiosity about technology

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Piper Computer Kit

Computer Programming
4th - 9th | Product

Today’s kids grow up with “black box” phones, computers and gadgets that come in beautiful packages, but leave no room for tinkering or understanding how they work. At Piper, we believe it is...