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Life of Fred


Never again hear the question which many math students have: “When are we ever gonna use this stuff?” or “Math is boring!”

No other textbooks are like these. Each text is written in the style of a novel with a humorous story line. Each section tells part of the life of Fred Gauss and how, in the course of his life, he encounters the need for the math and then learns the methods. Tons of solved examples. Each hardcover textbook contains ALL of the material – more than most instructors cover in traditional classroom settings. Includes tons of proofs.

Written by Dr. Stanley Schmidt with the intent to make math come alive with lots of humour, clear explanations, and silly illustrations that stick in the mind. The student will learn to think mathematically.

Completion of this series prepares student for third year college math.


Life of Fred Calculus: Expanded Edition

High School - College | Book The story of the first five years of Fred’s life … • How Fred won 500 gallons of Siberian Bear Brand Beer for his father • Fred’s job application resume at the age 6 months • Line integrals in a...
Topic: Calculus

Life of Fred Complete 10-vol Elementary School Homeschool Kit in a Bag

1st - 4th | Book From the publisher: Dr. Schmidt recommends that all students up to 4th grade start with Apples and work their way through the entire elementary series. There are ten books in Elementary Series,...
Topic: 4th Grade Math Curriculum

Life of Fred Decimals and Percents

6th - 7th | Book This book covers the second half of the introduction to pre-algebra (after Life of Fred: Fractions). After this book you are ready for pre-algebra. Read about one afternoon and evening in Fred’s...
Topic: Decimals

Life of Fred: Fractions

6th - 7th | Book After you know your addition and multiplication tables, you are ready for Life of Fred: Fractions. Fred will take you far beyond elementary knowledge of fractions so, even if you have had some...
Topic: Fractions

Life of Fred Geometry Expanded

High School | Book One day in Fred’s life in which he . . . • Falls in Love! • Teaches you how to write an opera! • Buys Hecks Kitchen! • Does all of geometry up to the 14th dimension! Geometry is one course that is...
Topic: Geometry

Life of Fred High School Set 1

High School | Book This set can be started with any student who has completed Life of Fred Fractions, Decimals and Percents, PreAlgebra 1 with Biology, and PreAlgebra 2 with Economics or has completed a Pre-Algebra...
Topic: Algebra

Life of Fred: Intermediate Mathematics

5th - 6th | Book Life of Fred Intermediate is specially designed for students who are not yet 10 years of age but have finished the Elementary Series. This series is also is excellent for those who are in 5th or...
Topic: 6th Grade Math Curriculum

Life of Fred: Linear Algebra Expanded Edition

College | Book Fred goes on a picnic with his two best friends. Find out about… • Selling Fred’s fountain pens door-to-door • Jackie’s life as a police officer • Lee’s shopping sprees at the fishing store and...
Topic: Linear Algebra

Life of Fred Pre-Algebra 0 with Physics

7th - 8th | Book Fred does physics before algebra. Learn . . . How ducks and cows pronounce µ differently Why no one can weigh 55 kilograms How Kingie could move a safe that superman couldn’t . . . and even some...
Topic: Pre-Algebra

Life of Fred: Pre-algebra 1 with Biology

7th - 9th | Book A spring morning in Fred’s life. Find out about… • What it takes to run a shopping mall • How to ask for oats in Scotland • The correct way to deliver flowers to a hospital patient and even some...
Topic: Pre-Algebra

Life of Fred Pre-Algebra With Economics

7th - 9th | Book Fred begins his summer vacation. Learn… • How to get rid of snakes in sugar cane fields • The difference between freedom and liberty • How not to bore your horse if you are a jockey • Why Fred...
Topic: Pre-Algebra

Life of Fred: Real Analysis

College | Book Real Analysis is a topic studied by math majors in college. This math is more advanced than what most non-majors ever see, but it still has Fred, and he has a very good time with his favorite...
Topic: Sequences & Series

Life of Fred: Statistics, Expanded Edition

High School - College | Book This book contains more statistics than is usually taught in a college course. It covers… Descriptive Statistics (averages, measures of dispersion, types of distributions) Probability Bayes’...
Topic: Statistics & Probability

Life of Fred Trigonometry Expanded Edition

High School | Book A day and a half in our hero’s life. • Cuisine! See what dinner in a limo is really like • Entrepreneurship! Learn how to create a best-selling board game • Sports! Witness the boxing match of the...
Topic: Trigonometry